Attention Developers.


The time is now. You've read one too many headlines about a company being breached, and thought "Are we next?" The answer is probably "yes."

Today's apps and products are beautiful, creative and vulnerable. Developers can no longer afford to allow security to be an afterthought. We know that the responsibility shouldn't fall on you. We know that your company leadership should be driving this. But the reality is that they won't.

Your next question might be "Isn't this too complicated? I'm not a security expert." You don't need to be. Today it is possible to add security features to your app that used to require years of schooling. The code exists. Your app needs it. This summer, stop delaying the inevitable and secure your tech now.

This summer, we're hitting the road to bring security to developer communities around the world.

Join us on the 2018 Virgil Security World Tour.